Coral Aorta has a classic appearance, almost as though she stepped straight out of the 1920s. Her hair is short and black and worn as a bob just like the sexy Charleston dancers from a different era. Her temperament, her style; all of it reminds us of bygone days. That is, everything but her sexual proclivity, for Coral has a filthy little secret; she loves to be used and fully controlled.

Coral has an overwhelming submissive streak. It's so crucial to her satisfaction that Coral can't get aroused without some form of bondage or pain forthcoming.

Coral discovered her leanings to BDSM fetish and submission early in her sexual life. A highly sexual and open-minded sub, Coral has explored numerous types of bondage, from ropes to chains to iron to wood, it doesn't matter what the ties that bind her are made from, she willingly submits to every ounce of pain, and every inch of the shackles that immobilize her.

In one of her highly arousing sub scenes, Coral is subjected to iron bondage for the very first time. While accustomed to many other forms of being bound, Coral wasn't quite sure what to expect from the cold hard metal shackles, chains and rods used by her Dom tormentor.

Torment is exactly what Coral wants. She loves to see her pale white flesh turn bright red from the whips and canes that lash at her sensitive skin. Her pussy drips with hot aroused juices as every new bruise forms. Rarely will Coral cry out, enduring the most savage punishments imaginable without as much as one scream. Coral thrives under the hard instruments and devices used to discipline and torture her.